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Charity Program

Crowdsourcing as a way to fund a specific cause for a charity is not new, but IoTeX is doing it via “smart contracts” and redirecting the cryptocurrency hype to charitable causes. IoTeX will continue selecting charity programs that align with IoTeX’s mission of “Connecting the Physical World, Block by Block” as part of IoTeX’s Community Reward Program.


IoTeX believes in growing together with the community and connecting the physical world block by block. It’s a very ambitious goal but it can be achieved with a strong team and supportive community. Together with the community to push the frontier for the development of the blockchain ecosystem, IoTeX truly hopes that the community can understand the original intention and help promote the cause.

ETH Foundation

IoTeX 1st Charity Program

Ethereum has revolutionized the blockchain world for the past four years and made “blockchain” the newest buzzword. As an industry leader, Ethereum has provided grants to fuel researchers and developers to work on various forefronts to support the entire blockchain ecosystem. IoTeX strongly believes that we can move forward the entire industry through rigorous research and collaboration. We need talents and the brightest minds to make a splash in the world. A small yet powerful way for you to help our cause is to donate ETH to the Ethereum Foundation to help fund blockchain research.


Check more detail at IoTeX 1st Charity Program Update.

For participation detail, please join official Telegram Group and stay tuned to the pinned messages.